SWISSFIL® is the filament from Switzerland for Switzerland.

It is produced with high-quality materials and can compete with premium filaments from around the World.

Under the label SWISSFIL® you currently get PLA filament only. It’s based on Ingeo™ PLA resin from Natureworks which is one of the purest and top grade PLA resins worldwide. It is colored and extruded with a diameter of 2.85mm or 1.75mm and a diameter uncertainty of ±0.05mm in Switzerland.

Material and product properties

SWISSFIL® PLA 2.85mm is available in 19 different colors and transparent. SWISSFIL® PLA 1.75mm is currently available in black and white.

White (RAL 9003) in 2.85mm and 1.75mm
Black (RAL 9005) in 2.85mm and 1.75mm
Transparent in 2.85mm
Light Blue (PMS 2925C) in 2.85mm
Sky Blue (RAL 5015) in 2.85mm
Dark Blue (RAL 5002) in 2.85mm
Violet (PMS 268C) in 2.85mm
Pink (RAL 4010) in 2.85mm
Raspberry Red (RAL 3027) in 2.85mm
Traffic Red (RAL 3020) in 2.85mm
Light Orange (RAL 2011) in 2.85mm
Light Yellow (RAL 1003) in 2.85mm
Light Green (PMS 368C) in 2.85mm
Green (RAL 6029) in 2.85mm
Pearl Silver (RAL 9022) in 2.85mm
Gray (PMS 421C) in 2.85mm
Anthracite Gray (RAL 7016) in 2.85mm
Gold (RAL 1036) in 2.85mm
Beige (RAL 1001) in 2.85mm
Brown (RAL 8011) in 2.85mm

SWISSFIL® PLA has a glass temperature around 55°C. It can be used for temperatures up to 45°C (continuous) and 60°C (short-period), respectively. The filament is bio-degradable, can be dissolved in many organic solvents and shows a high UV light resistance. It complies with flammability class V-2 of UL94. For further material properties please check the technical datasheet.

Typically, the PLA filament is printed at temperatures between 190-220°C. For better build plate adhesion a heated print bed is recommended with a build plate temperature of 50-70°C.

In case the PLA was stored in a humid enviroment for some time, drying is recommended before use. It can be dryed during two to four hours at 80°C.

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

Where to buy

SWISSFIL is exclusively distributed by DIM3NSIONS: